What is the Papuans wearing?

Men on the island of New Guinea have only oneapparel, it is called mall. Make it from the bark of a tree. This is a small handkerchief 15 cm wide and 3 meters long. Most often it is red. Make mall this way: from the bark remove the top layer, which is beaten on a smooth stone until it is flexible and soft. After that, the mall is stained with red ocher, but this paint lasts a short time, and soon the mall becomes brown. To dress the boy, the Papuan supports it at the navel at one end, and lets it pass between the legs, then wraps around the waist several times around, fastening the other end behind.

Clothes of the Papuans

Women on these islands are dressed in aprons,which are also called mal, consisting of a half-meter fringe fastened to the belt. This fringe well covers the body and does not impede movement. Usually the women's clothing of the Papuans is decorated with red and black horizontal stripes. Unmarried girls wear short Mali with a rarer fringe, unlike married women. On some islands girls until the marriage wear mall in the form of a belt, in front and behind which are attached brushes.

In addition to the moths that the Papuans wear? Papuans also use wide and long pieces of matter, making them as males. In the morning and at night they help them warm up.

Clothing of the Papuans is not only Mali, but alsoHuns and Iambs, they are inseparable with them. Yamb is a small bag hanging on the neck, in the gun - a bigger bag, worn on the left shoulder. In the iamba, the Papuans carry small things and tobacco, and in the Huns - a box with lime for chewing betel, a shilupu, Yarur, kai, small bamboo jars with black and red paint, shells and other things necessary to him. These bags are woven from multi-colored thin laces and decorated with small shells.


On the top of the hands of the Papuans wear bracelets -sagyu. They weave them from grass or wood bark, just decorating with shells. Over the calves of the feet of the Papuans wear rings - samba-sagyu. Special adornment for this people is a necklace with fangs of wild pigs, worn on the chest. Such necklaces are called bulra.

In the ears of Papuans are wide wooden ortortoiseshell earrings. In the absence of such, in the ears insert bamboo sticks, flowers or oblong stones. Women have two kinds of earrings. In the earlobe, a few or one ring is inserted, and through the hole in the upper edge of the ear a lace is made, which passes through the same hole in the other ear. At the ends of these laces are attached several pairs of white dog teeth that hang from both sides of the neck, and the string at this time lies on the head. In addition, women use nangeli-gun - these are two bags that are much larger than men's. Wear them like this: throw a bag on your back, and twist the cord around your forehead. In one such bag every day a woman brings fruit from a plantation, and in another bag, which is smaller, women wear small children, and sometimes puppies or pigs.

So it is unusual to read what the Papuans are walking about. We have become accustomed to walking in jeans and T-shirts, to carry everything we need in bags and backpacks, and they live there like primitive ones.

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