What smells like Vietnam?

Fish sauce and incense;) I missed today, lit and decided to raise the post.
By the way, who sometimes lights scented candles or incense at home?
Incense stick is burning, fragrant smoke rises to heaven with an easy spiral ...
This smell is everywhere. Traditionally it is believed that incense smoke, like the light from candles, and the sound of a bell, cleanses the space and does not allow evil spirits.
The sticks, as an offering, are lit not only in the temples, but in every home, shop, and workshop on home altars.

Many Indian incenses are quite pronounced and heavy. A light Vietnamese smell just takes your thoughts away from the hustle and bustle ...
This is here in the house where we live

Entire Vietnamese settlements specialize in the production of incense.
Our neighbor in the fishing village also has a small family business.

Fragrant sticks are, as a rule, thin painted bamboo sliver, on which a mixture of vegetable chips with oils is glued.

Ideally, the base for all incense is the powder made from Tabu-no-ki wood.Aromatic ingredients are added to the powder, giving the substance a subtle scent. Components for incense are selected from the finest samples of aromatic wood, spices, resins and herbs collected by hand in various parts of Vietnam.
Although, of course, modern technology has reached this craft. It happens that the chips are sprayed with an artificial scent. I used to come across so much at home: you buy wands with a smell in some store. And they just smell vigorous chemistry.
Traditionally, patchouli, cinnamon, anise, sandalwood, peony bark, Tangut rhubarb are used in sticks ...
But in Vietnam, it turns out that Ginko grows, or the aloe tree (Aquilaria agallocha) is the most precious wood in the world of aromatics and the most expensive: its value exceeds the value of gold. Only in one of the hundreds of aloe trees for decades the resin with a rare unusual smell appears in the roots and the core - in the tree, which protects itself from infections, diseases and a special type of fungi. Another unique property of Ginko is that it is so dense and heavy that it sinks in water.
The rich woody earthy balsamic aroma is rich in hues: sweet,sour, salty, sharp and bitter tart, and varies depending on the region where the tree grew, and the degree of aging of the resin. Perhaps it is worth finding such sticks.
That's the mixture

Starch paste and sometimes shells of bivalve mollusks living in the Chinese Sea are added to a powder with aromas (masala). They have the property of holding and fixing the smell that is released during the burning of incense. Seashells for a long time do not allow the fragrance to lose properly stored incense.
There are sticks and with benzoin. This resin is obtained by making cuts on Styrax Styrax tree trunk. Benzoin is a kind of fixer for the smell of incense. Gentle and relaxing, sweet, reminiscent of vanilla, balsamic aroma helps to calm down, get rid of anxiety.
In some villages, the sticks are made entirely by hand, starting from kneading powder to applying to a stick.
Our neighbor has an uncomplicated machine

It is believed that such products should be made with pure thoughts. I don't know about that, but the woman is very friendly and attentive.

The sticks dried in the sun are considered the best and most resistant.Such incense has bright colors and a steady aroma.

Given that the Vietnamese winter can often unexpectedly begin tropical rain. When a shower suddenly begins in seconds and an hour later the sun again. So for the products and the weather you need an eye and an eye. Chopsticks usually dry for 1-2 days.

Products are packaged and shipped to neighboring monasteries, temples and homes.

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