When do testicles descend in boys? At what age?

Mom raising a son should know about all the features of his body. One of the most important and common questions is: “When do testicles descend in boys?”. This is what the article will be about.

when the testicles in the boys descend

Features of physiological development

Testicles or testicles are formed for a period of 6-7 weeks from the moment of conception. Already at 19-20 weeks of pregnancy, a woman can find out the sex of her baby. Before we talk about when the testicles in the boys descend, it is necessary to figure out what is this organ for men?

when boys have testicles

In total, there are two main functions:

  1. Sperm production. These are male cells that are responsible for the process of conception. In the scientific world, the term acquired the name spermatogenesis.
  2. Synthesis of an important hormone for men - testosterone.

boy year egg did not fall

On the 5th week of pregnancy, the future man is born with the primary material from which the testicles will be formed - the wolf body. It gradually grows, connects and by 3 months is already a rounded shape of a dense structure.

Location and structure

Every organism develops at an individual pace. Therefore, it is impossible to predict exactly how long the boys will drop testicles. Ultimately, they must take the correct position - in the cavity of the scrotum.

at what age do boys have testicles

This body was not awarded by chance. The oblong round shape looks like a bird's egg. Sheath refers to white dense connective tissue. It contains membrane septa and glandular tissue, divided into lobular tubules.

The size of the testicles changes with the growth and development of the child.

Patient's age (years) Size (cm) Weight (g)
up to 12 does not exceed 2.5x1.5 up to 7
12-14 up to 4.5 x 3.5 cm 25-30

Any deviation is a pathology. It is recommended to immediately visit a specialist.

Dates of moving

Every mother of a son should know when boys have testicles. Any violation of this process leads to the development of pathology. The more it progresses, the more difficult it is to cure it.

what time do boys have testicles

Normally, they should sink before delivery or within 6 weeks after it. There are cases when boys have testicles descend only to the first year of life. Doctors claim that this is also an anomalous phenomenon.

The location of the testicles in the scrotum suggests that the boy is physiologically healthy. An obstetrician-gynecologist examines his condition immediately after birth by the method of feeling. If this does not happen, then the mother should maintain independent control until 6 weeks of age.

What is it for

When the testicles descend in newborns is the absolute norm. Spermatozoa are formed in the seminiferous tubules. These are living organisms responsible for the function of fertilization, that is, for the continuation of the species. They are very capricious, they can exist only at a temperature of 34.5 degrees.

when newborn boys have testicles

The scrotum is located in the lower abdomen, where the muscular layer is well developed. It is he who maintains the optimum temperature of the genitals. When boys have testicles, they move to a favorable environment for them in which sperm can exist.

Causes of anomaly

So, the age limit is known, how many boys have testicles. If this did not happen before 6 weeks of life, it means that the boy’s full development was impaired.

How long do boys have testicles

In total, there are several reasons that influence the process of their movement into the scrotum:

  1. PrematurityPremature birth is a great stress for the body and the mother and child. Many development processes can occur in slow motion, this also applies to the physiological characteristics of the genital organs.
  2. The culprit of the pathological phenomenon often becomes the parent. It is not recommended to allow the child to be hot or cold. At low temperatures, the scrotum contracts, pushing the testicles upward. When the muscles overheat, it goes into a relaxed state, in which the temperature drops noticeably.
  3. Endocrine diseases during pregnancy (especially diabetes mellitus) often cause a developmental disorder in a child. As a rule, they are eliminated independently, as soon as the baby leaves the unfavorable environment for him.
  4. Any violations of the structure of organs: obstruction of the inguinal canal, low degree of vascular development or injury of the groin.

It is very important to identify in a timely manner the cause affecting the natural process. This will avoid the development of serious pathology.

Treatment methods

At the moment, the opinion of experts about what to do when the testicles descend in newborn boys after a certain period is divided.Some of them argue that it is worth keeping careful control over this process for up to 5 years, since the problem can be resolved in a natural way. The second half of narrowly specialized doctors insists that surgery is required to be carried out immediately. They carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of the health of the child-boy, on the basis of her specialist and the patient's parents make a decision.

How long do boys have testicles

In total, there are two types of treatment for cryptorchidism (undescended testicle in the scrotum):

  1. Open Intervention. A small incision is made in the lower abdomen. After this procedure, the testicles spontaneously go down and occupy the correct location.
  2. Intervention of the closed type. In the lower abdomen, two holes are created through which the laparoscopic tubes are inserted. They serve as guides, allowing you to move the testicles to the scrotum.

If the boy is a year old, the testicle has not descended, and the parents refuse to undergo surgery, then this little patient falls into the special control group.

Possible complications

If the testicles do not move in the right direction in a timely manner, this means that they are in adverse conditions.And this, in turn, is accompanied by a number of adverse effects:

  • Complete or temporary sterility. When hypothermia stops the function of the development of live spermatozoa.
  • Violation of the structure of the testicle, the acquisition of its irregular shape.
  • The appearance of malignant neoplasms.

Fortunately, almost all adverse effects can be corrected. But this will require a long treatment.

Preventive methods

Anyone knows that it is better to prevent the development of the disease than to treat it for a long time and exhaustingly. And in this case there are several ways that affect the full development of the male reproductive function:

  • A woman should take care of herself from the planning stage of the development of a new life. She needs to protect herself from stress, observe wakefulness and rest, eliminate bad habits, eat right.
  • A young mother should clearly know at what age boys have testicles. If this does not happen, then she must take immediate action. Doctors recommend a course of massage, hormone therapy, physiotherapy or physiotherapy.It is important to do all this only under the strict supervision of specialists. In most cases, such preventive measures provide a positive result.

In medical practice there is such a term as the individual characteristics of the organism. This means that the absence of all sorts of reasons for the development of pathology and timely preventive measures do not guarantee that the testicles will occupy the position in the scrotum in due time. The genetic component of a man is a very important and delicate moment. If any kind of pathology is detected, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor: pediatrician, urologist or surgeon.

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