Where is the leaning tower of Pisa - in which country, in which city?

There are a lot of evergreen trees in the world, and many tourists are forever sure, only one. Hundreds of thousands of people come every year to see this original miracle of architecture, and even more postcards, avenues and paintings depicting the famous building spread around the world.

Gifts of nature

The answer to the question of where the Tower of Pisa is located, in which city and in which country, everyone knows a little bit of an educated person. A small town (only 100 thousand inhabitants) called Pisa in the North of Italy became a place of pilgrimage for many tourists, mostly due to the unique structure.

where is the leaning tower of pisa

Thanks for such an unusual sight follows nature itself, chance and architectural failure. Pisa is located in a river valley, the soil here is silty, soft.

The three-meter basement for the 50-meter building was clearly not enough, and besides, the builders were not lucky: the place where the Leaning Tower of Pisa was located was uneven in terms of the composition of the soil.Almost immediately it was discovered that on the south side the soil was much more pliable - the building began to roll in the building of the first floor. And when the third was completed, the slope was already about 4 cm from the axis.

Deliberately you can imagine

It is easy to assume that, at first, in the city where the Leaning Tower of Pisa is located, its fall did not cause any stormy delight. The information that such an effect was initially conceived looks like an idle speculation. Firstly, the tower was not built for beauty and not for the fun of tourists, but had (and has) practical significance: it is the bell tower of the Leaning Cathedral of Pisa, it has 7 bells of different tonality, and they ring before worship services, as they Befits on the status.

Secondly, the tower is part of the architectural ensemble, which, in addition to it and the cathedral, also includes the giant 55-meter baptismal (Pisan Baptistery), Campo Santo cemetery.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Not a single tower

All this splendor is located on the Square of Miracles, to which the tourists rush, as soon as their foot steps onto the streets of the city, where the Leaning Tower of Pisa is located. Country Italy - the cradle of the Renaissance, the birthplace of many masterpieces of art, including architectural.The mentioned ensemble is considered the heritage of all mankind - in 1986 UNESCO granted it the status of World Heritage, so it is worthwhile to come here not only to see how the Leaning Tower of Pisa falls and does not fall. Where is the city of Pisa, will tell not only the travel agent, but also the World Wide Web.

Numerous travelers are happy to share their experiences. Here, of course, much depends on the material possibilities, because you can fly by plane (there is an airport in Pisa, but you can not go straight there from everywhere), take a train, or use the bus service. Italy - the country is not too large in area, to travel on it - a real pleasure. Especially when you consider that almost all settlements along the route are also very, very worthy of attention.

where is the leaning tower of the country

Beginning of the fall

When it turned out that the tower was falling, the public was somewhat angry - to such an extent that the architect Bonnano Pisano (to whom, supposedly, Pisa owes its main attraction), soon had to leave the city. This refutes the planned fall of the bell tower, as well as the fact that the work on its construction ceased no less than a hundred years.

There is, however, another explanation of what happened.Legend has it that the architect built the bell tower, as expected, and customers refused to pay him. Then, leaving, he called her with him - and the tower, hastily rushing after him, leaned over. This version is, of course, very good, but we have to admit that the characteristics of the local soil and the presence of groundwater look more convincing. Especially when you consider that in the city where the Leaning Tower of Pisa is located, not only is she alone falling. There are two smaller belltowers that suffered the same fate. In total, there are more than three hundred “falling” buildings in the world, including the famous London’s Big Ben, but the Leaning Tower of Pisa gained the greatest popularity, not least because of its exquisite beauty.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Falling - support

In 1275 it was found that the bell tower inexorably continues to fall - the slope was already 50 cm from the axis, and if urgent measures are not taken, the consequences can be the most sad. At first, the idea was to destroy the building and build another one instead, but the residents of the city either got used to it (for a hundred or so years) to their original bell tower, or there was some other reason, but it was decided to leave the tower, but try rectify the situation.

At first, as the forces and capabilities strengthened the foundation, then during the construction of subsequent floors they added 10 centimeters from the inclined side. All these actions did not have the desired effect, and as a result the tower was shorter by four floors (the 11-storey building was originally planned).

The slow lurch continued and continued until the situation became threatening at the end of the twentieth century. The landmark was closed to the public and a competition was announced for the best project to save the beloved tower.

Proposals showered hail. Many came down to backing up the building: there was even an opinion that looked more like a joke: south of the place where the Leaning Tower of Pisa was located, to erect a monument to the mountain-architect, and let him personally support his own creation.

Of course, such sparkling ideas did not find support from the authorities. As a result, at the cost of titanic efforts and huge multi-million dollar costs, a part of the ground was removed from under the northern edge of the building - and the tower bent to the south “straightened” by half a meter due to subsidence in the opposite direction. Now the slope is about 5.3 meters from the axis, and experts say that the building is stable.

where is the leaning tower in which city

Crowd of fans

Today, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, where the best site in the city for viewing the surroundings is located, is again open to visitors. Experienced travelers advise to take care of tickets in advance: at the same time inside the building there can be no more than 30 people, so the capacity of the attraction is small - especially given the number of tourists who want to get into it.

In addition, to come on a date with this beauty should be early: all things, even tiny women's handbags, will have to pass to the storage room in a building nearby - only a camera and a video camera can be brought inside.

For those who are not eager to climb up the 294th steps of the spiral staircase, a completely free attraction is available - creating photographs on which you can both maintain and push the famous tower. People "creative" recklessly, a lot of funny and original creations posted on the Internet.

Truly, the abyss of pleasure gives the world a leaning Tower of Pisa. Where is the attraction, will gladly prompt the locals: their tourists are not at all annoying.Good-natured and funny, the people of Pisa will not only answer the questions, but also feed you with delicious pizza and local “brand-name” soup, the recipe of which is kept in the strictest secrecy.

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