Who is Aphrodite? Ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty

Who is Aphrodite? The most beautiful of all the Olympic goddesses, before the charms of which were powerless people and immortal gods. The personification of love, spring and endless youth. Poets sang its beauty, and the artists tried to capture on their immortal creations. The name of Aphrodite is associated with many legends and legends, which we learn about in the article.

Aphrodite - what kind of deity is this?

Aphrodite - one of the most revered and lovedGreek goddesses. Its importance can be confirmed by the fact that it was one of twelve great Olympians. Aphrodite is, first of all, the goddess of love and beauty. She is also the patroness of marriage and childbirth, the personification of eternal spring. The forces of Aphrodite were obeyed not only by people, but also by immortal gods, with the exception of Athena, Artemis and Hestia. She blesses women with beauty and gives them a happy marriage, and in the hearts of men fires the fire of true and eternal love.

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Myths about the origin and life of the goddess

Ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite hasAsian roots. Two versions of its appearance are common. According to the variant proposed by Homer, Aphrodite was a child of the supreme god Zeus and a nymph named Dion, and was born in the usual way. The version proposed by Hesiod is more mystical. According to her, Aphrodite appeared after the depletion of Kronos of Uranus. His blood got into the sea waters and, mixed with foam, gave birth to the most beautiful ever existed goddesses. The wind brought her to the shores of Cyprus, where the goddess met Ora. They crowned Aphrodite with a precious diadem and clothed in glittering gold-lined robes. Wherever the goddess stepped, fragrant flowers blossomed.

When Aphrodite appeared on Olympus, all the gods wereadmire its beauty. Many wished to take her as his wife, but she made her chosen one Hephaestus, the patron of fire and blacksmith's craft. According to one version, the alliance of beauty and craftsmanship is the embodiment of art.

Whatever it was, this marriage was not toohappy. Hephaestus spent all his time with his cousin, while Aphrodite communicated with her lovers. From one of them, Ares, the goddess produced three children. The fruit of her connection with Hermes was the Hermaphrodite, which combines the beauty of both parents. Also, Erosa is considered the son of Aphrodite.

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Cult of the goddess Aphrodite. Attributes

The ancient goddess Aphrodite was extremelyis popular on the island of Kiefer, where, according to legend, she was born, and in Crete. There, in Paphos, was her temple. Also, the sanctuaries of Aphrodite were in Corinth, Messenia and Sicily.

Indispensable attributes of the goddess were doves anddolphins. Also her symbols are roses, lilies and violets. The power of Aphrodite was in a magical belt that could instill passion. He did everyone, regardless of whether he was a mortal or a god, in love with his mistress. The goddess traditionally associates with gold. Also its attributes are ripe fragrant fruits, first of all, ripe apples and pomegranates.

Legends Related to Aphrodite

Knowing who Aphrodite is, you can remembersome myths and legends associated with her name. Perhaps the most famous of them tells how the three goddesses argued, which of them is the most beautiful. They were Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. To resolve their dispute was to be mortal, the son of the Trojan king Paris. He chose Aphrodite, she promised him for this love of the most beautiful of earthly women - Helen. Her abduction by Paris, according to legend, led to the beginning of the Trojan War.

Greek goddess AphroditeThe Greek goddess Aphrodite also appears in the myth ofPygmalion. According to legend, he was a talented sculptor, sculpting a statue of a beautiful girl. The more he admired her, the more he fell in love. When his feeling became so strong that he could no longer cope with it, he began to ask Aphrodite to give him a wife, similar to his sculpture. In response to pleas, the goddess revived the beautiful statue. This girl became his wife.

An interesting myth is how the husband of the goddess Hephaestus learnedabout her relationship with Ares. Angry, he forged a golden net, extremely strong, but thin and weightless, like a cobweb, and secretly attached it to the bed. Then he told his wife that he was going to be away for a few days. Without thinking twice, Aphrodite called to Ares. In the morning, lovers found that they were cordoned off by the net and could not free themselves. Soon Hephaestus appeared. Ares freed himself, only promising to pay a rich ransom, which, however, he never did.

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Relations of Aphrodite and mortals

Aphrodite had many lovers among the gods. But even with mortals she had a very close relationship. One of the most famous myths is the story of the feeling of the goddess and the young boy Adonis. He was perhaps the most powerful love of Aphrodite. Adonis was a talented hunter, the only man with whom the goddess forgot about her beauty. She was afraid for his life and asked to avoid predatory animals. But one day on Adonis attacked a boar, set against him by a jealous Ares. The goddess of love and beauty could not help her chosen one, and Adonis died. From his blood rose beautiful flowers - anemones.

Aphrodite patronized lovers, but at the same timetime viciously took revenge on those who rejected her help. For example, the daughter of the priest Mirra, who did not want to perform rituals in honor of the goddess, she sent an unnatural passion to her father. Narcissa, who rejected the love of the nymph Echo, she punished with death.

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Analogues of Aphrodite in other cultures

Knowing who Aphrodite is, you can listgoddesses from other mythologies, corresponding to her. So, for example, the ancient Romans patroness of love was Venus. The ancient Egyptians had an analogue of Isis, and the Phoenicians - Ishtar.

In the Slavic mythology, the goddesses, completelycorresponding to Aphrodite, was not. But you can identify it with Mokoshya, personifying fertility. According to some mythologists, the Slavic pantheon had its own goddess of love, the patroness of the family - Lada. However, most respected scientists consider it a fiction.

The finest in the circle of the Olympic gods

The goddess of beauty Aphrodite deservedly was the object of admiration and worship of many poets, sculptors, painters. The most famous of her sculptures are Venus of Milo and Aphrodite of Cnidus.

Ancient Greek goddess AphroditeThe image of this goddess is surprisingly attractive, and notin the last place - by its duality. She favorably protects the lovers and cruelly avenges those who deny this high and bright feeling. This is the embodiment of sin, and a model of the purest beauty.

So who is Aphrodite: beauty or vulgarity, spirituality or sensuality? We can say that Aphrodite is love itself in all its manifestations, terrestrial and sublime at the same time. And to this day she remains the most beautiful goddess in the history of mankind.

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