Who is the dairy kitchen according to the law?

Most young families with children know firsthand the difficulty of buying a quality one, which is also quite expensive. To help parents, the authorities in the territory under their control organized the work of such institutions as dairy cuisine. They also approved the lists of issued products, quantitative standards and regulations for registration of all necessary documents.

Unfortunately, these benefits are not for everyone. Their rights to receive a "dairy social package" still need to be proved.

A little bit of history

Dairy cuisines exist in our country since 1911. Mortality of newborns at that time was unusually high, reaching 40% or more. Its main reason was precisely the malnutrition of children or its lack. After the revolution, these establishments opened everywhere, and during the years of Soviet power, the dairy kitchen provided all the food for everyone. The law stood on the side of the parents of the little ones, who even at the time of a hard deficit had the opportunity to get milk and curd for their children, which are so necessary for normal development.

Nowadays, the concept of food shortages is a thing of the past. Any store has a rich assortment of baby food. Nevertheless, the price of it is very heavy for many young families. It is for this reason that free dairy products are in demand everywhere, mainly in the category of low-income families. It is these people who make up the bulk of those who are given coupons to the dairy kitchen.

The current name of this institution is the milk-distributing point. The food itself is produced by the plant (meaning its children's department), and the kitchen manages only its distribution to consumers.

who should put dairy cuisine

Children's dairy kitchen - who should be?

The list of categories eating in the dairy kitchen is not the same everywhere. It may vary depending on the region of residence, because the decision on its approval is the responsibility of local governments. For example, the city where you live and where there is a dairy kitchen is Kazan. Who should eat on it? Does the list of preferential categories differ from the same, for example, in Moscow? It is best to find out this issue in the local administration.

But there is a general list of those who are supposed to receive a dairy kitchen.It includes artificial children under the age of one year, infants from the time when they introduced complementary foods, children up to three years based on general indications, and up to 7 years if the child is from a large family.

Who should put dairy cuisine yet? In addition to the above categories, the list includes children up to the age of 15 years old if they have chronic diseases, disabled children under 18 years old, as well as nursing mothers whose babies are not yet six months old, and pregnant women according to indications. If there are no dairy kitchen handouts in your area, you can receive compensation in cash.

Collect paper

Unfortunately, the preparation of all documents for those who need food in the dairy kitchen takes a lot of time and effort. Those who wish to use this service will need to stock up with a copy of a civil passport (the original is presented, of course), a copy and the original of the child’s birth certificate, a certificate of registration of the baby at the place of residence of the parents, the original and a copy of the marriage (or divorce) certificate, the newborn’s medical insurance policy a certificate of family composition.

dairy kitchen kazan who should be

To prove that you are among those who are supposed to have a dairy kitchen, you will need to bring a certificate of the average family income over the past 3 months. It should reflect all types of cash receipts - salaries, scholarships, pensions, alimony, unemployment benefits, etc. If the parents of the child are divorced, a certificate of the alimony charged is required, and if they are not paid - a paper from the court stating that the applicant is alimony not filed.

Additional nuances

If currently one of the able-bodied family members has no income (does not work), a copy of the employment record and all documents confirming the absence of income (pensions, scholarships and the like) are attached.

You will need a statement addressed to the head doctor of that children's clinic, to which the child belongs in the place of residence. Parents or guardians, in addition, must indicate in a separate statement the absence of a previously issued permission to issue such meals. The doctor of the children's clinic provides an extract confirming the transfer of the baby from the breast to a mixed or artificial feeding, and gives a prescription for free additional food.

It is possible that other documents will be required from those who are entitled to baby food in the dairy kitchen. For example, containing information about chronic diseases of the baby, the status of the family as having many children, the disability of the child, etc.

dairy kitchen for pregnant women

How to start a young mother

Let's look at the sequence of actions needed to get an extra dairy food for a newborn baby. First of all, find out if there is such a service in your region and whether you can be categorized as applying for it. Let us return to the previous example, where the place of residence of a young family, which needs dairy cuisine, is Kazan. It is easiest for people to find out, and who does not have services on it, by visiting the Committee for the Protection of Motherhood and Childhood. The single window service will also help you.

After collecting all the necessary papers, contact your local pediatrician for additional nutrition. The doctor will examine the child and issue the necessary conclusion, after which you will receive your own number, which is recorded in the medical card. Try to remember him, because you will have to call him each time you receive dairy products in the kitchen.

How do distributing points

The recipe for food is extended monthly, it happens from the 20th to the 25th. Specify the address of the transfer point to which you belong at the place of residence, and the hours of his work. Typically, such information can be obtained at the reception of your clinic. Most often, the working hours of dairy kitchens fall on the time from 6 to 12 o'clock in the afternoon. Weekends and holidays, as a rule, does not happen.

If your actual place of residence does not coincide with the registration area, and you want to get food closer to your home, you will need to stock up on a certificate that you will not be given food at the place of registration.

who gets free dairy cuisine

What exactly to get

What can those who have a dairy kitchen can count on? The list of products, as well as the norms, may vary slightly depending on the region. Let's look at a sample sample list.

Until the age of two months, the baby is given a dry (adapted) infant formula in the amount of 700 grams, which is given once a week, and a liquid infant formula of 4800 grams, dispensed monthly. A three-four-month-old baby, in addition to the above-mentioned products, relies on a liter of fruit juice and a kilogram of fruit puree once a month.

When a child is five months old, the list is replenished with vegetable puree in the amount of 1 kilogram 900 grams and 400 grams of dry instant porridge. Both are also issued once a month. In the second half of life, the rate of baby food is slightly reduced - a dry mixture is put at 350 grams, and liquid - in the amount of 2400 grams. But fruit juice will give more than 200 grams.

We are growing

When a baby overcomes the seven-month milestone, its nutrition becomes more serious. The list is supplemented with children's curds (600 grams once a week), meat and vegetable puree (once a month for 1 kilogram 300 grams), meat puree in the amount of 560 grams (also monthly). Put the volume of juice is now 1.4 liters, mashed vegetables - 1 kg 920 grams. From 9 months weekly, the baby is entitled to 2,000 grams of kefir.

children's dairy kitchen who should be

Now let's see what older children provide (of those who are supposed to have a dairy kitchen). From one year to two years, babies are given baby kefir in the amount of two liters per week, with the same frequency - a curd (600 grams). Once a month milk is given (2.4 liters), 2 liters of fruit juice and fruit puree in the amount of 800 grams.

At the age of 2 to 3 years, the range of products is almost the same, only the norms for the distribution of juice and milk are changed in places.

Dairy kitchen for pregnant women

Perhaps not everyone knows that not only kids can use the services of this establishment. Those who are entitled to free dairy cuisine, there are several categories. First of all, these are pregnant women who need additional nutrition. They can count on milk and fortified juice once a month in the amount of 6000 and 2640 g, respectively.

The same products are laid and lactating mothers, with the norms of both juice and milk for them a little more. Milk they give 800 grams per month, juice - 3300 grams. Until the baby is transferred to mixed or artificial nutrition, only a nursing mother can receive an additional ration in the dairy kitchen until he is 6 months old.

who needs food in the dairy kitchen

Selected features

There are cases when a woman cannot use milk for medical reasons (for example, in case of lactose intolerance). Then it is replaced by other products, such as milk pudding.

All other categories of people in need (children from large families, etc.) are only entitled to an additional monthly rate of milk of 18 liters per month.

Useful tips

It should be mentioned some subtleties, the observance of which will make life easier for parents in this difficult period.They should know: the dairy kitchen should be renewed every 3 months with the collection of all relevant certificates. Therefore, in order to avoid interruptions in the supply of dairy products, the availability of all necessary documents should be taken care of in advance.

Dairy kitchen for pregnant women has its own characteristics. If the food is received by a woman, not a child, the medical documentation (referral, necessary certificates, etc.) is processed by the LCD doctor. The right to receive such nutrition in the future mother arises on the 12th week of pregnancy.

who should put baby food in the dairy kitchen

If within three days you for some reason did not show up at the transfer point for the required products, your application will be removed from service. Nobody compensates the missed portions, and it will be possible to restore service only two days after the repeated treatment.

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