Why do babies sleep badly? Tips for young parents

After the appearance of the baby, almost everythingThe family begins to live in the mode that it asks. However, in the norm most of the time a newly born baby is asleep. At the same time, some newly-made parents are faced with the fact that the baby is sleeping badly, restlessly or does not want to go to the country of dreams. Why do newborn babies sleep badly?

why newborns sleep badlyIt is worth knowing the sleep rates for children at one or another age. Often parents begin to experience when there is no reason for this. Where does the norm end?

  • The first three months of his life, the baby must sleep at least 16 hours a day;
  • from 3 to 6 months, about 15 hours per day are spent on sleep;
  • From 6 months to 1 year this time is reduced to 13 hours per day;
  • Upon reaching the year the child should sleep about 12 hours.

So, you are still convinced that the child sleeps less than what is laid down. Why do babies sleep badly? In fact, there are many reasons.

The first is discomfort from gases and intestinal colic. As a rule, they arise as a result of ingestion of air in the process of feeding. If the newborn long and loudly screamed, he could easily swallow excess air.

Of course, sleep disorders are often accompanied byother diseases. If the child has a fever, there are other annoying symptoms, it is understandable why he does not want to sleep the amount of time allotted to him.

why the newborn does not sleep wellOf great importance is the psychologicalthe situation in the house. The newborn has a close emotional connection with his mother, which is why if parents constantly argue, shout, swear, this will not be the best effect on the baby.

Another reason why sleep is badnewborns - the situation when they confuse night and day. It happens quite often. Here you need to observe the baby. If he hardly sleeps at night, it is likely that he does it during the daytime. In this there is nothing terrible, because the crumbs have not yet established biorhythms.

The cause of anxiety of the baby can become skin irritations (intertrigo, ponotchka), overcrowded diaper or through wet diapers.

If the newborn does not sleep well, it is likely that he is hungry. While the baby does not eat normally, you should not count on a quiet, serene sleep.

Sometimes the cause of sleep disorders are problemswith nervous system or banal overexcitation. Too many bright emotions and impressions, frequent visits of guests - all this, of course, is good, but in moderation. Constantly overloading a newborn with such "surprises", you can do him a disservice.

Finally, the child can be cold or hot, uncomfortable in your chosen clothes.

After analyzing all these factors, you canto find out why a newborn does not sleep well. As a rule, you can manage this problem on your own, but sometimes you need help from a pediatrician (for example, if the baby is sick).

Now you know why newborns sleep badly. How to help the child and improve his sleep? Here are some simple tips for young parents on this case:

  1. Ventilate the room before layingtoddler to sleep. Cool, fresh, oxygenated air is the guarantee of a healthy sleep. Ideally, the crumb also will sleep during daytime walks on the street.
  2. In the room there should be a gloom, conducive tomore rapid falling asleep. According to statistics, one of the most common reasons why a newborn does not sleep well during the day is too bright a light. Curtains or blinds will help eliminate excess light.
  3. newborn does not sleep well during the dayThe child should be fed, dressed in a clean diaper.
  4. Putting the baby to sleep, sing him lullabies. The presence of hearing and voice is not so critical. Calm melody and mother's voice will in any case calm him down.
  5. It is important to follow the regime. Let the child always go to bed and wake up at the same time. Constant changes in this regard interfere with normal sleep.
  6. An ancient way is motion sickness. However, experts do not advise them to get involved, as children very quickly get used to it and subsequently can not fall asleep if they are not rocked.

It is important to gradually accustom the child tosleep yourself. Do not rush to him, after hearing the slightest rustle - so the child will finally wake up. Let him lie down a little - if he does not care, soon he will fall asleep. You can also show the newborn that if he, for example, slept on his side, you can turn over on his back and continue his journeys through the sleepy realm.

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