Why do we pay for heating in the summer? How is the heating fee calculated? Tariffs for heating

In the light of the regular rise in price of communalservices consumers are increasingly asking questions about how you can pay less for light, gas, water and, of course, heating, the price for which bites the most. And if the owners of private households are faced with a very simple and realistic task - to improve the efficiency of their home's heat preservation, to put a good boiler and to replace the old batteries with new ones, with regulators, then the owners of apartments in high-rise buildings can rely only on the sanity of the service provider and it is logical reasonable tariffs. Many uninitiated are interested in a very reasonable question about why we pay for heating in the summer. In today's article, we will try to answer it, and also understand in such nuances as the cost of heating the apartments and possible ways to reduce it.

why pay for heating in summer

Resonant question

So, let's first find out whyheating is paid in the summer, although the batteries in the apartments become cold in the middle of May, if not earlier. This "injustice" bothers a large number of people. Especially it is relevant for those who have just begun to comprehend the basics of the science of payment for public services, because older people know that this reduces the amount of payments that monthly come to the population.

According to the adopted at the state leveldecree, at the end of each winter season, the services responsible for supplying heat to the apartments, perform calculation and adjustment of the cost of the services they provide. The tariffs for heating, which the owners of personal accounts will see in receipts, depend on many factors, but the cost of the energy carrier is fundamental. Also there is a payment for the service of communications, their current repair and modernization, payment of wages, taxes. The final price as a result is broken not by the number of months that actually make up the heating season, but for the whole calendar year. Thus, the financial burden on apartment owners is reduced.

heating fee in summer

Solution from above

This is a nation-wide practice that canbe changed at the discretion of the local authorities, when a collective payment plan is adopted by the collective decision, and people contribute money for using the service, although in a larger amount, but not all the year round. Then the residents of apartments do not have a question about why we pay for heating in the summer, but this does not mean that during the warm season in the column "Heating" they will be at zero.

A service provider may charge a certain amount ofthe amount that will be counted not for direct supply of heat, but, for example, for maintenance of the highway. Of course, the cost of heating in the summer then will be much lower than that of others, but in the winter they will have to seriously shell out.

How is the tariff calculated?

The amount, which is stated in the column "for payment"consists of two components. First of all, it is the direct cost of the service to provide heat to each individual apartment, but also to the receipt is a compensation from the tenants for the fact that the management company heats public places, and not just square meters that fall under private property. What does it mean? The fact that the tariffs for heating include the supply of heat to the entrance, stairwells, corridors, basements. By the way, tenants of apartments have to pay their hard earned money not only directly for hot batteries, but for other components that make up the cost of heating, which we already mentioned a little higher.

This is the main answer to the question ofwhy we pay for heating all year round. After all, if the payment was calculated only at the time of actual use of the service, it would be too high, especially given the current price for this utility service.

Since July 2017, the tariff for the country has on average grownon 4%. At the moment it is not the same in different regions, although there are no significant differences. So, in the capital it is 1747 rubles / Gcal, in St. Petersburg - 1678 rubles, Tula - 1782 rubles., Pskov -1720 rubles., Kazan - 1647 rubles., Perm - 1820 rubles., Perm - 1819 rubles., Novosibirsk - 1394 rubles., Chelyabinsk - 1211 rubles.

heating rates

Constant variable

Payment for heating in summer and winter is usually the same and is calculated by the basic formula, which looks like this:

  • Payment = the norm of consumption x total area of ​​housing x rate.

The consumption standard is also calculatedservice provider once a year. Let's note one more nuance. In the case where the individual heating meter is not installed in an apartment or a house, the tariff is recalculated upwards, respectively, to a coefficient of 1.6. That is, in fact, the amount in the payment increases by 60% due to the lack of an instrument that reads the amount of heat energy that the apartment house uses.

An important nuance in the issue of pricing is theduration of the heating season. Many Russians are worried about the question of whether it is legal to pay for heating in the summer if the batteries were turned off in the middle of spring because of favorable weather conditions. In theory, the heat and communal services should recalculate and take into account the actual overpayment for the next period, thereby reducing the next payment, but it is almost impossible to control this in practice alas.

As practice shows, the increase in costpublic services occurs annually. At the moment, the authorities do not foresee the sharp rise in heating prices, according to government officials, this difference should not exceed the level of inflation set in the budget.

However, in any case, the population is quiteThere is an urgent need to optimize the use of energy resources. Help to save can the meter for heating. To an apartment on an individual basis, it is installed by special service departments upon agreement with the service provider. However, there are in this issue and their pitfalls.

heating meter in apartment

Do not flatter yourself!

One of the main misconceptions of those who onlyset himself the goal of installing such a device in his housing, this is what will have to pay only for the amount of heat energy that actually gets into the apartment. Nevertheless, heating costs in the summer period can still be included in the total utility payment. Another issue is that the amount there will be insignificant, since it will be the payment for heating the entrance and some other price components.

There is also a significant difference in where exactlythere is a counter. It can be a house-building or an apartment house. How is the heating fee calculated in the first case? The person responsible for making the calculations calculates how much the heating of the entire house during the reporting period cost, and dividing the given number by the number of apartments (taking into account the square meters of each of them) will distribute the entire amount between their owners.

why we pay for heating all year round

How to reduce heat consumption?

If your home is an individual systemheating, it is important to learn how to save on heating, because how much you have to pay for this service depends largely on you. First of all, it is necessary to minimize possible ways of heat dissipation into the street:

  • to put good windows;
  • Replace the entrance doors or eliminate cracks in the opening;
  • to insulate walls and ceilings.

It is very important to be able to use correctlymodern technologies. The thermostat with a sensor that determines the presence of a person in the room, gives commands to the system, which reduces or increases the heating of the room as needed. You can do this manually, by installing control valves on the batteries.

should we pay for heating in summer

Less use = less pay?

These recommendations will be useful not only for"Individual", they are good for those who use centralized heating. Qualitatively insulated walls and windows will better maintain the normal temperature in the apartment, especially given the fact that not all boiler rooms withstand standards.

So, according to standards, in winter the temperature inThe living room should be within 20-23 degrees, in the kitchen and in the toilet - 19-21 degrees, and in the bathroom - not less than 24 degrees. In fact, we have 16-18 degrees, which according to the law are possible only in the vestibules, entrances and inter-apartment corridors. So it turns out that if you heat or use temperature controllers on batteries, you will not save money, but you can create a more favorable microclimate in your house, but the question of why we pay for heating in the summer will remain open (given the level of services provided).

Is it legal to pay for heating in summer

Investment in the future

When the house has an autonomous heatingsystem or at least a counter, this is more beneficial for apartment owners in terms of cost savings. So communal in any case will be cheaper to manage. But it is even more advantageous to have meters right in the apartment. Before installing this device, you need to learn about how the system is organized in your home. Pipes can be looped and go around the perimeter of the apartment from one room to another, but there are buildings where the heating pipes are installed. Then the counter will need to be placed on each of them, and this will produce an impressive amount. However, such an acquisition in any case will pay off fairly quickly.

I do not want and will not?

In today's article, we discussed whetherwe pay for heating in the summer. Yes, such a fee is justified, because it helps to reduce the burden of material costs imposed on our own wallets. However, in some cases it may be possible to agree with the service provider not to break the annual heating cost by 12 months and pay for it only after a fact. To do this, it is necessary to renew the contract with the utility, in which the subscriber and supplier settle a new schedule and the amount of the monthly payment.

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