Why does the lily turn yellow leaves?

Lily is a fairly simple plant. In each garden and greenhouse grow this beautiful flower. But there are some features of care that you need to know, so that this beautiful woman blossomed with a gardener. One of such features is soil and watering. The second - the prevention of fungal and viral diseases, as well as the prevention of pests. There are several reasons why the lily leaves turn yellow. Rapid and correct determination of the cause of disturbances will help to avoid the further spread of dangerous diseases of these charming plants.

why do lilies have yellow leavesDeficiency of iron, or chlorosis. Chlorosis is especially noticeable on young leaves. In appearance, a healthy plant every day acquires a bright herbaceous yellow color of the leaves, and the gardener puzzles with the question: "Why?" The lily turns yellow more and more, but the leaf veins retain their healthy green color. This deviation occurs in plants that are in the calcareous soil with high acidity and excessive soil moisture. This violation is also observed at high soil temperatures. Among the lilies there are varieties, especially strongly prone to yellowing of leaves due to a lack of iron. To solve this problem during the growth of plants, root or foliar top dressing with iron preparations is carried out.

the leaves turn yellowLate blight, or soft rot. The growth of plants is slow. The lower leaves begin to turn yellow at first, gradually yellowing spreads upward. Most often, rot is formed on the stem in an undeveloped apex. The leaves turn yellow, the top begins to turn black, and the aerial part of the plant bends. The development of the disease is promoted by frequent rains.

Fusarium. Expressed in a brown patch on the stems. The leaves turn yellow before time and disappear. The scales that make up the bulb are also spotted and rotted. After a while, the whole plant completely dies. To avoid this disease, you need to choose to plant healthy bulbs.

Leaf nematode. Another possible reason why yellow lilies are insect pests. Plants develop slowly and do not bloom. The leaves take a round form of yellow-brown color and eventually dry out and fall off. Defeat can be seen first only on one side of the sheet. Nematodes live between scales of bulbs and under favorable conditions are selected. The control of these pests consists in the processing of bulbs just before planting, processing growing plants and removing weeds from beds.

Why do lilies turn yellow?Another reason why the lily turns yellowleaves, is a deficiency or excess of nitrogen. In the case of an overabundance of nitrogen fertilizers in the lilies in the spring on the leaves there are spots that become brown, and then the entire leaf turns yellow and dies. Usually in this case the bulb itself is severely damaged by stains. Such plants should be thrown away, as this is a functional disorder. Another possible reason why the lily leaves turn yellow, there may be a shortage of nitrogen. The plants are pale, yellowish, slightly growing. Fixing the situation may include adding fertilizers containing the required dose of nitrogen.

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