Why is colitis in the left side?

The human body is very complex and interconnectedsystem. It is necessary to understand that any symptom can characterize a lot of diseases, sometimes even a qualified doctor can hardly determine which pathology of which organ caused this or that manifestation.

Why is colitis in the left side? If we consider the human body as a multi-storey system, then one can understand how all organs and systems are arranged relative to each other.

In order to better understand the possiblepathology, which causes pain in the left half of the body, conditionally divide this area into three parts. The first, the upper part, is located above the costal arch, and the second is between the left 10 rib and the iliac spine. The third part - the lower abdomen - is everything that is on the left below the navel.

Let's start from the very beginning. In the upper part is the heart, part of the stomach and liver. Thus, the pathology of these systems can cause some discomfort in patients, which is mainly localized on the left.

Patients with heart disease very oftencomplain that they have colitis in their left side. These are irradiated pain along the nerve trunks. Sometimes patients get rid of such pain syndrome independently at home. But there are situations when the pain is too pronounced, and the work of the heart can only be restored in a hospital.

Inflammation of the pancreatic parenchyma, ulcerstomach and duodenum - a disease with a possible manifestation of an intense pain syndrome in the left side. The doctor always carefully collects an anamnesis in patients who have colitis in their left side. After all, with a detailed survey, you can find out which organ caused this symptom. For example, pain from the pancreas is more often than not shrouded in nature. What can not be said about a ulcerative defect. Such pain is most often localized acute and intense. The pathology of the liver rarely causes the pain syndrome on the left, but if it does happen, then such pains are not intense, aching.

If a person complains that the colitis in the left side, mainly in the middle part, then you can suspect the following diseases:

- Inflammatory-destructive diseases of the kidneys;

- traumatization or oncological pathology of the spleen;

- functional disorders of the descending colon;

- atypical location of the inflamed appendicular process.

It should be borne in mind that each of the listedabove the disease has a number of specific symptoms, except for pain, by which it can be differentiated with another pathology. And carrying out the necessary diagnostic minimum will allow more accurate diagnosis and begin treatment of patients.

Colitis left bottom below: what to do?

To begin with it is necessary to be defined withintensity of pain, if the symptoms are not stopped by antispasmodics or NSAIDs, worried for a long time and grows, then it is necessary to immediately seek help from specialists.

People who have colitis in their left side should imagine that such a symptom can cause:

- intestinal obstruction;

- Inflammation of hemorrhoids;

- fistulas and ulcers of the rectum;

- foreign bodies;

- ectopic pregnancy and ovarian diseases in women;

- Prostatic enlargement and pathology of the inflammatory nature of the pelvic organs;

- Oncological pathology of small pelvis.

Thus, we see that diseasesa lot, but they have a common symptom. That is why, in the presence of complaints of pain in the lower abdomen, it is mandatory to conduct a superficial and then deep palpation of the abdomen, the use of digital rectal examination and vaginal bimanual palpation in women. After these diagnostic methods, the diagnosis should not be difficult. However, in some situations, these methods may be uninformative, then instrumental methods of diagnostics are required.

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