Why xenon headlight washer?

Headlight washer is perceived by our motorists as a possible option. But if an alternative optics xenon is installed on your foreign car, then according to European standards (now also in Russian), the car should be equipped with washers. As far as this is necessary, read below.headlight washer

Why xenon washer?

Under normal conditions, the direction of light of halogen and gas discharge lamps is the same. Xenon, of course, produces a "beam" of light several times more powerful. Under standard road conditions, the headlight glass additionally adjusts the angle of light due to its design. If you paid attention, the glass of the car headlight is not just smooth, but as it consists of multidirectional parts.

But if dirt gets on the headlamp or ice is frozen, this leads to distortion of the light. In the case of halogen bulbs, only the driver has poor visibility. And xenon due to its power begins to blind oncoming motorists. That in conditions and so poor visibility can create an emergency.Therefore, on vehicles with a standard xenon headlamp washer is provided. It eliminates dirt from the glass of the headlamp, and with it the effect of distortion of the light flux.Install the headlight washer

Install the headlight washer

If you do not have a xenon factory, you will have to install washers or return standard optics (according to the rules of the road). On some models of cars besides the washer nozzles themselves, you will need to change the washer reservoir for a larger volume and buy an additional motor. In addition, you will need a separate button to turn on the headlight cleaning system.

Installing the headlight washer in any case involves the dismantling of the front bumper. The whole procedure can be divided into stages:

  1. Removed the front bumper.
  2. Change the washer tank to a larger one (if necessary).
  3. Holes are cut in the bumper for attaching the washer nozzles.
  4. Nozzles are fixed in the bumper.
  5. Installs the cap (plug) headlamp washer.
  6. Held fluid supply hose from the nozzles to the washer reservoir.
  7. Fitted wiring to the additional motor.
  8. A switch-on relay is installed and wired to the passenger compartment.
  9. A button activates the headlight cleaning system.
  10. Put in place the front bumper.

The fifth point can be skipped if the nozzles of your stationary type washer. Covers are used when the washer is pulled out of the bumper during cleaning.

Looking at this list, you can evaluate your capabilities. After that, decide whether you will do the installation yourself. Or use the services of specialists.How to turn off the headlamp washer

And if not needed?

Surprisingly, some car owners are interested in how to turn off the headlight washer. The main reason is the high consumption of washer fluid. The fact is that most of the regular washers work automatically if the dipped beam is on and the window cleaners are turned on. And since, according to the rules, the passing beam should always be on, the flow rate is impressive.

In some auto models, this feature can be disabled by software. Using a diagnostic scanner on the company's service ("Nissan", for example). But it is not necessary to go to the dealer, you can simply pull out the headlight washer relay. This can be done independently in five minutes. Check the location on the forums dedicated to your model of car.

Re-read the item about the need for a xenon washer before disconnecting. And correlate the value of safety with the cost of washer fluid.In the warm season, by the way, you can safely use the water.Headlight washer plug


If you have a foreign car with a regular xenon, then you will not have to worry about additional costs. Unlike independently improved optics. If the cost of the original nozzles is too high, or it is impossible to buy them (the old car), then universal kits are sold. Their cost starts from 2500 rubles. But the kit includes everything that is needed for installation.

Headlight washer is useful not only for cars with xenon light. The intensity of the light of ordinary headlamps is also affected by a layer of dirt on them. This is especially true in winter, when you do not want to get out of a warm car to wipe the headlights. Therefore, the installation of such a useful option, you can think of everything.

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