Wonderful pumpkin seeds. Benefit and harm

Such a wonderful vegetable, like a pumpkin, came to us from South America. He was a favorite delicacy of the ancient Incas. This orange beauty was also appreciated by us: who does not like wheat porridge with pumpkin or baked pumpkin with cheese is yummy, there is nothing to say. And how many benefits: in pumpkin an incredibly large amount of magnesium and potassium - that is what people who suffer from heart disease need. And it also contains vitamin K - a very rare, I must say, vitamin, which is responsible for protein synthesis, normal kidney function, plays a significant role in metabolic processes occurring in the connective tissue and bones. In addition to the incredibly tasty and healthy flesh, there are equally tasty and healthy seeds in the pumpkin. Housewives never throw them out, just dry the seeds in the sun or in the oven - and you can eat for health. In this article we will try to understand this issue: pumpkin seeds - the benefits and harm. What will outweigh?

pumpkin semchku benefits and harmBefore we conclude whether these seeds are needed in our diet, let's consider what substances and trace elements contain them. Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of oils - 35–50%, they are also a rich source of trace elements, proteins, pectins, resinous substances, vitamins E, C, B. But perhaps the most important element found in pumpkin seeds is zinc!

pumpkin seeds benefitPumpkin seeds. Benefit and harm

Hypertensive patients should pay attention to pumpkin seeds, since a small amount of these seeds (100 g) can normalize blood pressure. Expectant mothers will also come in handy: just a few seeds, eaten in the morning on an empty stomach, will get rid of toxicosis. These seeds can lower blood sugar levels in a dangerous disease like diabetes. Pumpkin seeds are used in traditional medicine to get rid of worms. With their help, remove heavy metals from the body. The only warning is that these seeds should not be consumed by people suffering from gastritis, because salicylic acid contained in seeds can provoke an exacerbation of the disease, increasing the level of gastric acidity.

Pumpkin seeds. The benefits and harms of obesity

As we mentioned above, pumpkin seeds contain large amounts of zinc, about 10 mg per 100 g of product, with a daily rate of 15 mg of zinc per day. With a deficiency of this element in the body, obesity may develop, since in this case glucose is not processed, but deposited in the form of fat. Therefore, the consumption of pumpkin seeds will be beneficial for people with overweight. But since they contain a large amount of fat, you should not get involved in them. If you have problems with weight - eat no more than 100 grams of seeds a day.

Pumpkin seeds. Benefits for men

For men's health, the consumption of a sufficient amount of zinc per day plays an important role. Zinc does not expand in the prostate gland of the connective tissue. And for the prevention of adenoma, it is simply necessary to include pumpkin seeds in your diet.

pumpkin seeds harmPumpkin seeds. The benefits and harms in cosmetology

From this product, you can prepare a whitening lotion. To do this, pound two handfuls of seeds in a mortar, pour them with approximately the same amount of hot water. Let it stand. Add a tablespoon of honey.Wipe your face and neck with this lotion twice a day. Be careful to use this prescription for allergies. Returning to the zinc contained in these seeds, it can be said that it is the main element in the production of collagen in the skin. This is another argument in favor of the consumption of pumpkin seeds.

The result

Let pumpkin seeds be present on your table every day: the harm from them is just miserable, and it's hard to overestimate the benefits!

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