Work on your car: 6 ways to earn money

Many drivers of vehicles sometimes wonder about whether it is possible to work on their cars and what will be their earnings. As a rule, such chauffeurs have a long driving experience and want to not only invest in their “iron horse”, but also to get feedback from it. By the way, working on a personal car will not require serious financial investments. At first, you only need to spend money on gasoline. In this article we will talk about the most popular ways to make money on your own machine.

Work in a taxi

This is one of the most famous and popular ways to make money. Why? Yes, because the work on your car as a taxi driver does not require mandatory registration. This situation did not change the recently adopted law on taxis. Therefore, it is enough for a person to purchase a license (800-1700 rubles), a taximeter, repaint the car in yellow, pass a vehicle inspection, and he can already “pick up” people at bus stops or cooperate with information organizations.

The work schedule is free. You can work at any time of the day or even on holidays, when at the expense of a higher rate you get a good increase in your monthly salary. Also, the amount of earnings can be varied by choosing a certain contingent of clients, ranging from simple workers to businessmen. But in the latter case, you need a good car with a gorgeous view (inside and out).

work on your car

Work as a courier on your personal car

This is the second most popular way. Working as a courier in your personal car means a wide range of things being delivered. It can be both documents and large-sized goods, such as furniture. It is clear that in the latter case it is possible to work on your own truck. Every day you will need to deliver things to certain addresses and sign documents on the delivery and acceptance. In some cases, it will require delivery to a specific time without delay. And many are greatly mistaken, believing that the work of a courier can be combined with the work of a taxi driver. We learn why.

For delivery within the city, firms and companies pay very little. In a megacity, the earnings from one point are equal to 100-300 rubles.For courier orders, the most distant addresses are specially chosen, since the nearest places are served by the staff of the company that hired you. Therefore, it may happen that you do not deliver the goods on time, and you will be late for the taxi client's request. In general, the combination of these activities will have a bad effect on performance and will simply increase the costs of the driver.

work on a private car

Work as a personal driver

This is one of the most profitable activities. Working on a personal car as a personal driver presupposes the conclusion of a contract in which all conditions are specified in detail: weekends, cellular communications, fuel, amortization of cars, etc. Of course, in this case the driver will have to restrict his freedom. After all, customers are large companies where you need to carry cashiers, accountants, and supervisors. Sometimes you have to do it during off-hours. Therefore, in the contract be sure to write the boundaries of your "freedoms". If this is not done, then do not be surprised later that your boss called at 4 am and asked to take him from the sauna.

work as a courier on your own car

Outdoor advertising

In this case, the work on your car is fully compatible with another type of activity.After all, this is a common advertisement pasted on the body or glass of your car. Also possible option with a luminous box on the roof. As a rule, this type of earnings can be obtained at an advertising agency, since it is there that producers of services and goods apply.

When applying a film on a car body, the agency concludes an agreement with you, where the period of the presence of this sticker on your car is stipulated. Sometimes this document is required to show DPS officers. This is the first minus of this method of earnings. The second is that when installing an advertising box, the speed of the car slows down dramatically while simultaneously increasing fuel consumption.

work on your truck


Work on your car in this case is not assumed. This is the easiest earnings, since you don’t have to do anything: just collect the rent for the car and independently record changes in the documents (traffic accidents courts, insurance, tax, inspection). Most likely, your company will be rented by a company providing services in the field of taxi. In other areas, the demand for rental cars is not very high.

You will enter into a contract with the company, which will describe the completeness and problems.Also you issue all the necessary documents - insurance and power of attorney. In the contract, be sure to specify what types of repairs in case of an accident, maintenance and maintenance will be made by you, and which - by the company. This can protect yourself from "killing" your own car. In addition, you will have a document in case of a showdown in the courts related to hitting people, accidents and other situations.

work on your passenger car

Minor repairs

This method involves assisting drivers who have a broken car right on the road. But in order for work on your passenger car to bring money in this case, you need to have the skills of an auto mechanic. It is clear that you will not ensure the complete recovery of the “iron horse”, but thanks to your help the driver will be able to get to the nearest service center.

Here is an approximate price: replacing candles on the road - 300 rubles, pouring water - 600 rubles, the car lighter factory - 150 rubles. This is only an approximate cost. You can set prices according to the state of your region. Naturally, the solution of some non-standard situations (for example, if you pierce two wheels) will cost much more.

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Work on your car: 6 ways to earn money 54

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Work on your car: 6 ways to earn money 53

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