Yanina Kolesnichenko: biography and personal life

Yanina Kolesnichenko was born on June 23, 1973 in the city of Omsk. Janina's parents were ordinary workers. Moreover, none of her relatives and friends had anything to do with creativity and art. But this did not prevent little Janina from early childhood to show artistic data and engage in dancing. The girl took part in all cultural events of the gymnasium, where she studied, also actively engaged in amateur performances in summer camps, where she spent her holidays.

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Childhood and adolescence of the actress

Little Ioannina was a real artist, and already at such a young age she was applauding the audience after her performances. It was then that the girl wanted to become a famous actress. After school graduation Yanina Kolesnichenko went to enter the Sverdlovsk Theater Institute, but, unfortunately, did not pass the entrance exams. But she always knew: in order to achieve something, you need not only to be very eager, but also to work hard.

Therefore, the girl did not lose her head and returned to her homeland, where she worked for two years at the local puppet theater. Ianina didn’t give up; in each academic year she passed entrance examinations to theatrical universities and finally entered the studio school of the Moscow Art Theater named after A.C. Chekhov for the Avant-garde Leontief course. Yanina managed to enter the fourth time.

Work in the theater

The young actress showed tremendous progress in the educational process, her talent was simply impossible to miss. It is because of the efforts and diligence after graduation Yanina was invited to work in her own theater. Quickly enough she became the leading actress of the theater.

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Ioannina works there and at the present time. The first role the actress played in the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream." After this role, Ioannina began to actively perform roles in various performances. “Tattooed Rose”, “Zeroes”, “Sonia” is a small part of the performances in which the talented Yanina Kolesnichenko played,In total on the account of the actress more than thirty theatrical roles. She played each of her roles especially, for real. The efforts of the actress were fully rewarded,in 2004 she became the laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, then she received the “Seagull” award, and a year later she received the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

Successes actress in movies

For a long time, the actress was associated only with theatrical work, but she was also attracted to cinema. The first film role was played in 2001, the debut film was the Silver Wedding. Since then, and began to actively act in films Yanina Kolesnichenko.

The films in which she starred were varied in genres, as were the roles she had to play, there were more than twenty of them. Here are some of them: “Kitchen”, “Law and Order”, “Margosha”, “Elder Wife” and others. The young actress liked so much to act in films that she gladly agreed to play both the main and the bit parts.

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Personal life of Yanina Kolesnichenko

At a young age, the actress had several tumultuous romances that were unsuccessful. She met her true love after thirty years. At the moment, Yanina Kolesnichenko is happily married and has a daughter, Arina. The husband of the actress is Anatoly Kot, a talented actor known for the TV series “Soldiers” and “Youth”. The couple met on the set of the TV show “Margosha”.Janina became the third wife of Anatolia.

A talented from birth actress with a peculiar manner of play, very attractive and incredibly photogenic - this is how characterized by fans of Yanin Kolesnichenko. A photoActresses can be seen not only on the Internet, but also in the media. Recently, the actress began to devote time not only to filming, but also teaching, which she has been doing since 2015 in the theater of Oleg Tabakov.

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Yanina Kolesnichenko - an actress who responsibly approaches the performance of any role, fully laid out in performances, lives the life of her heroines and always looks unique. That is why it has a lot of fans who createCommunities in social networks, where they discuss each role of the actress. It is safe to say that this amazing artist awaits a great future.

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