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"Zugzwang is the inability to transfer its energy to wooden figurines." Y. Razuvaev

Zugzwang - which in German means "forced to go." This term is used in cases where absolutely any player’s move makes his position less advantageous. When playing zugzwang in chess, the player has no opportunity to make a positive or even neutral move - any move will negatively affect the result.

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A brief historical excursion

India is traditionally considered the birthplace of chess, but the first references to the game in which it was necessary to move the grains of plants on a wooden board are reduced to Mesopotamia. In India, chess appeared in the first centuries of our millennium. Figures of ancient Indian chess differed from modern ones. This form, in which we are accustomed to seeing chess today, was formed only by the XV century. Gradually, chess began to spread in Europe, despite the fact that the Christian church was strongly opposed to this.

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Zugzwang is not only one-sided, but also mutual, when both players are in this position at once.The term "zugzwang" is used not only in chess, but also in other board (checkers, backgammon), gambling (cards) and sports (curling, billiards) games. Sometimes even domestic, political or empathic situations are called zugzwang, any impact on which will lead to a guaranteed worsening of it. This is very well illustrated by the quote "you cannot act, and do nothing either."

Zugzwang is a position that has several varieties:

  • one-sided (with negative consequences for one player);
  • mutual (having negative consequences for two players);
  • imaginary (when a player simply waits for his defeat, thinking that he has fallen into a hopeless situation, and in no way tries to change his position);
  • positional (not bearing any losses, per se, but simply worsening the situation).

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How to get out of everyday zugzwang?

Sometimes there is a crisis in relations between people. Partners are forced to make all sorts of sacrifices and concessions, which not only do not bring any benefit, but also bring negative consequences to the initiator himself - the very same zugzwang, only in the domestic aspect.How to get out of zugzwang in a relationship with the least loss for yourself and your partner?

Bring a little drive, passion and extreme to your relationship. Movement is life, and this expression is not always necessary to be understood only in the physical sense. The energy component is also very important. Do not let your relationship stagnate for a long time in one place, overgrown with moss. Relationships should be a rugged mountain stream or a flat, flowing current, but not a swamp. Once in this very swamp, you are exactly in the position of zugzwang - where can you step to improve your position if every step can cost life? Be interested in the affairs of your second half, spend time together for travel, watching movies or board games, be "alive" in a relationship, and then you will never be in zugzwang.

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